I never wanted you to see me
But held it against you when you didn’t,
As if it was your fault that I was
Keeping myself hidden.
Back there in the dark,
Behind the curtain, pay no mind.
There is no such thing as magic, don’t you know?
We made it up like fairy tales
On sleepless nights, and you believed,
And so I did because despite myself
I never wanted you to leave.
Don’t you remember when on summer nights
We fell into our dreams?
We sewed the seams so tightly
Between the real and the imagined,
And while you ruled your kingdom,
I got lost while chasing dragons.
But that never really happened.
So, why does this all seem familiar?
Could it be we’re dreaming now?
The bed is getting colder and my breath
Is running out.
It’s not life that I wanted.
Only you.
But you made me want to live.

My heart, it burns

In tall and dying grass,

And wind, it gives

The fire living chance

To spread consuming flames

Across this field

Where once this barren ground

Did blossoms yield,

And trees gave shade

To creatures great and small

That now are hanging on

A hunter’s wall;

But in them all the grievance

I did claim,

I grieve for claiming them

By other names.

And in my shameful tears

I only dream

That I shall weep enough

To rain a stream,

And douse these flames

To quench this thirsty place;

To no more all those living things


So leave me be to cry

Upon my knees,

And let the pain run deeper

Than I please;

For all that matters now

Is life complete-

That living should remain

So bittersweet.

So much for this cross to bare

And this lot in life to share

With but so little care

For Redemption;

And what is there to say

For the future of decay

When all our fathers prayed

For redemption?

If, like winds upon the masts,

Nothing ever truly lasts,

Then what is there steadfast

In redemption?

So I’ll continue on this road

Where happiness in none bestowed

Nor anything is owed

But redemption.

If time could tell the story,

That tale of Ages Past,

Of humble lovers’ treasure

and keeping it to last;

If time could recollect them,

Each moment that it bloomed

The love of two beginners

‘Gainst the dark impending doom;

If time could say, or utter hence

In whispered tones of light,

I think that it would give a kiss

While whispering, “Goodnight.”

I have a problem.

I wish that I could tell you about it,

But I have the suspicion you already know,

And that would lose the effect of confession.

But fuck it.

I don’t know what part of me is broken.

It happened before you,

But it’s in there somewhere,

And finding it is a fruitless obsession.

I want to be my best self for you.

I want you to look at me and feel strength.

I want you to look at me and be proud.

But my greatest accomplishment thus far is

Arriving alive.

Not even arriving home.

Just arriving.

But there’s no bragging about surviving.

It’s been the norm for so long for so many.

I’m no different than the rest

In front of a mirror.

Yet, somehow, the reflection of you

Is much clearer.

Still, I feel like a fraud–

Please, for that truth don’t applaud.

It’s only the proof that I’m human and flawed.

And why do I feel like I shouldn’t be?

I’m only human, after all,

And we could forgive that couldn’t we?