Studies In Gray. is a collection of short fiction that examines the uncertain moments of the human experience. These stories focus on flawed characters, on growth, loss, love, consciousness, disappointment; the what-ifs, the whys, and the why-nots.
The purpose of these fictions is not to separate the light from the dark or the known from the unknown, or even to determine which is which. The point is to discover how far each extends into the other without being lost completely.

The Comedian

In his old age, Sid Simmons has been feeling more like the punchline than the comedian, but is it truly too late for him to start the joke over?

The Executive

Kate enjoys what she does, but what will she do when the other side of her work is revealed?

The Sleep

Andrew hasn’t been sleeping well, but where is the line drawn between his dreams and his reality?

The Song

After hitting a coyote on the highway, a widower has a revelation as the dying coyote’s mate will not permit him to leave.

The Edge

A single mother struggles to avoid change for her children when the world has come to a literal edge. But can she keep from falling off herself?

The Dead

The billionaire head of a family has died, and everyone wants a piece of what remains from his squandered fortune. So what if the body isn’t even cold? The vultures are hungry.

The Mirror

A mirror contemplates his existence and the events leading up to this, his final moment.

The Lawman

In the mid-1800s, a southern lawman imagines a world in which slavery is reversed.

The Passenger

While Rudy is driving a passenger to her destination, he is challenged with questions of life, death, and choosing between the two.

The Caregiver

Olive has been a hard working, self-sacrificing woman her whole life. Could one slip-up cost her everything?

The Fly

What would happen if a fly were to suddenly develop self-awareness? Perhaps Bruce can answer that.

The Salesman

Lars has always shown loyalty to The Company and will stop at nothing for the reward he deserves. However, is the reward worth his loyalty?