Enter: Oblivion is Stephen Daniel Ruiz’s second collection of short fiction which collectively focuses on very human characters through an abstract lens. These characters are to be found at the proverbial fork in the road. Despite finding themselves in sudden personal oblivion, decisions must be made, but not without risking everything.

“An Ordinary Day”

When Edward Kind’s wife and children are killed by a drunk driver, he accepts the help of a fringe scientist to send him back to the predictable life they had. But can he follow the one rule to make it all work?

“The Most Beautiful Thing”

Crossing a post-apocalyptic New Mexican desert, Frida and Davis must deliver a mysterious item to Outpost 42. But can they survive the terrors of the night and day to complete their mission?

“Where Dreams Go To Die”

When the Hope of a young girl is sent to the Headquarters of REM, Reverie, and Trance, she not only discovers her origin but also her fate. Must she walk away from the girl who needs her now more than ever, or can she find a way back before it’s too late?

“2 Across”

When Oscar Schmidt wakes on the eve of his 70th birthday, he knows he is about to be murdered. Is his fate sealed, or can he alter the course of the future?