This poetry is a personal examination of the self, the difference between who one is and who one isn’t, and the insecurities, weaknesses, and strengths distinguishing the two.

  • The Girl Who Wished To Fly
    “Oh! to have wings outside of dreaming · Wouldn’t that be perfect! · To fly away and never wonder · If she wasn’t worth it…”
  • Chasing Dragons
    “Don’t you remember when on summer nights we fell into our dreams?…”
  • Might
    “The pen is mightier than the sword. · The bottle is mightier than the pen…”
  • The Other Guy
    “The other guy is hoping · That he’ll be the only guy. · He’s counting on my weaknesses, · Like counting down the time. · The other guy knows everything, · That even I don’t know. · At least, I think he knows them… · He always tells me so…”
  • Dead Meadow
    “And trees gave shade · To creatures great and small · That now are hanging on · A hunter’s wall…”
  • Redemption
    “And what is there to say · For the future of decay · When all our fathers prayed · For redemption?…”
  • If Time
    “If time could recollect them, · Each moment that it bloomed · The love of two beginners · ‘Gainst the dark impending doom…”
  • Confession
    “I have a problem. · I wish that I could tell you about it, · But I have the suspicion you already know, · And that would lose the effect of confession. · But fuck it…”