Salutations, Etc.

If I understand things correctly, this is the post where I tell you what my site is all about. This is where I do my best to sell you on the idea that you should give a fuck about what I say. While you certainly should, it hasn’t escaped my attention that already too many people don’t give a fuck about what comes out of their own mouths, much less anyone else’s. Therefore, I won’t indulge myself in any delusions of grandeur no matter how brilliant my writing is. You don’t know me from Adam, and I don’t know you from Eve. There’s an apple that needs biting, though, and this feels like a pretty good place to start.

On this site, you will find three collections of my work. The first is titled “Studies In Gray.” and is a collection of short stories to which I will add a new story every other Wednesday at 1pm (barring any unforeseen setbacks and or writer’s block). The second collection is called “Blackouts In Blue.” and is a collection of poetry which will grow at my leisure. The third and last collection (for now) features two sub collections: [1] “Illustrations” which are all — you guessed it — illustrations from short stories, and [2] “Rokwart” containing all my other artwork including visual excerpts.

If, by chance, you do happen to find yourself giving a fuck about what I say, excellent. You should follow me. If reading my work makes you feel uncomfortable, even better. You should still follow me. If you find my writing to be worthy of a Third-Reich bonfire, my work here is done, and you should go fuck yourself* posthaste. And then, of course, follow me.

*Terms such as “go fuck yourself” are not intended as derogatory phrases, but part of an initiative supported by and its affiliates promoting and encouraging safe reproductive practices including but not limited to fucking yourself, pulling out, using the back door, fellatio, birth control, plan B, plan C, and celibacy.

Because babies aren’t born smart, but they’re not born stupid, either.

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